About RTN

Appologies for the inconvenience whilst this page is being built, keep watch though, amazing trips coming soon! Should you have any inquiry about a trip you'd like to do here in Namibia, do please drop us a email or give me a call and see your dreams come to light.
David Ward

For me personally:
True wealth is not acquired through earthly possessions, but by leading a fulfilling life. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you have made a palpable difference in the lives of other people. 

This has kind of been a moto for me as a guide, to make those around me a little richer in having lived a little, but there's two sides to a coin and only one side is seen at a time. It is with a generous portion of gratitude that I am priveledged enough to have a livelyhood doing chasing my bliss, climbing mountains and dunes, hiking, fishing, photographing and experiencing this amazing place I call home, Namibia and then to have the joy to share this with you and to see faces light up with wonder at he amazing world that their eyes are beholding and to know I had some small part in bring that smile to light. For this I am gratful. - David Ward