Sunday, January 29, 2017

Climbing Big Daddy Dune - Worth while memories often come with a little effort

Namibia is host to the largest dunes in the world, perhaps the most well know one is Big Daddy next to Dead Vlei. Despite not being the tallest dune in the world, which honours goes to Dune 7 outside Walvis Bay at 383m, this little guy goes up 325m. It is difficult for most whom have not climbed dunes to comprehend the feat, but for those familiar in its ways will well know, for every two step you make forward you sink 1 step back as the sand breaks away under foot.

The view from ontop is fantastic, the rest after the climb even more so. Running down the side of this dune into Dead Vlei is really something neat, the sand makes a most curious noise as your feet plunge in and "whoooop whooop" as they come out. It is a most memorable activity. To climb you must not tarry, get there as soon as possible and climb whilst the sand is cool, come to late and it will prove most unpleasant as the sand can get very hot. Take enough water and remember to catch your breath, its not a race so slow and steady works just fine. A hat is a must. Photos dont really do the experience justice, you dont get nearly the idea of the scale. The tree in Dead Vlei are mere specs from above and walking back across the pan really hits home the scale of it all. A total must see!

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