Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome to Road Trip Namibia - A site under construction

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I have been doing quite a bit of work on the Birding in Namibia page. One doesnt realize the scope of the work until you realize that there is 206 different classes of birds in Namibia and that there is a couple of each type coming around to a massive 600 odd birds that need to be cataloged. I managed to put up all the post yesterday and add some 80 birds worth of photos. It seems it will take a few days just to add a photo for each and then comes the even bigger task, writing some information like latin name, afrikaans  name, german name, size, habitat, migration and so forth fr each and evry one of them. This is not the end of the work, tags must be added, links and references must be put in, its alot to do but I look forward to the day its complete, it will be the closest thing to an actual bird book but in a digital platform.

I have reworked the look Road Trip Namibia website to make it feel more engaging and illistartive, I trust you will enjoy it.

Apart from the birds page and the main page and the facebook page, I am yet to touch all the othere tabs like history, reptiiles etc. Please continue in future to read this post as I will update it on any news pertaining new content.

There are many photos on this website, I take no credit for them, they all belong to their respective owners and I give full credit to them.The material on this site is purely for educational purposes in helphing travelers to Namibia. I think in due time I will make a trip of my own through all of Namibia to obtain most of my own photo material in conjunction with my life long friend JP from Blueflamestudio.net

Please be patient whilst the site is still under construction, if you have any comments, do please feel free to email me at roadtripnamibia@gmail.com

Your intrest in this page is appreciated tremndously!