Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ongongo Hot Springs - An oasis in Kaokoland

A short distance from Sesfontein is this little jewel for the road worn traveller in the midst of their trip on roads less traveled. It is remote enought that most Namibians would not be familiar with it. In years past places like this were just there, undeveloped, unknown. Today Namibia has a strong community driven nature concervancy programm, as a result today there is a campsite and facilities and the place is well kept, travelers enjoy some comforts and in doing so they help uplift the comunities in these remote parts and aid in making the conservation of the enviroment possible. With the country being as large as it is and being the second most sparesly populated country in the world, Namibia has many note worthy landmarks located in far of remote corners that unfortunatly only a few get to see, this is one of them.

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