Friday, February 10, 2017

A Halfcollared Kingfisher - Terror from above!

As a guide I have learnt that many times whilst traveling from one destination to the next, you many times wont see much. This is because most people only look for wildlife and fail to notice that there is a vast wealth of bird life. When you realize that there is about 600 different types of birds in Namibia and that they all look different and have differnt habitats and habits, it is then that you start developing a fond appreciation for the little things in life.

Birding is a wonderful hobby, at first glance I thought this to be a malachite kingfisher looking at the top of the head being blue, but I wasnt certain so I picked up the Roberts to confirm that in fact it wasnt! I then noted that they dont have black bills and then confirmed that the only blue upper head with black bill was the Halfcollared Kingfisher. Birding is like an investigation!

In namibia you will find the Kingfishers all in the Caprivi. Some more rare than others. Yet always a treat when you spot one. Normally on a branch not to high away from the water, studying the surface for fish like the little mister in this photo.

Dont miss out on value added to value to your travel experience by not having a hobby, be it photography, birding, studying animal tracks, they all help slow you down, to take a moment to observe something unique whilst catching your breath in mid hike. 

Is birding your cup of tea?
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