Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lilly Pan near Maltahohe - Rain brings life to a salt pan!

Namibia is home to the desert and arid places, the land is barron after the winter as drought sets in. A salt pan near Matahohe named Lilly Pan once more lives up to its name. Normally there is nothing to see, but once in 10 years the rains fall just right and Lilly Pan comes alive!

It might be a odd thing for most travelers from Europe, but to us Namibians, rain is celibrated and prayed for, every drop is measured and to see water in the rivers and pans, a delight that is impossible to put into words. Its what is rare to us and perhaps from the travellers view, the vast difference between a world of green and water in Europe to a dry desert.

Dont miss your chance to see a once in a live time evnt like Lily Pan coming to life!

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Photo by: Dirk Heinrich